Thursday, December 10, 2015

My thoughts on The Giver.

 I loved the feeling that there would be a secret in the next chapter that you just had to figure out. I liked how each chapter ended with a question that you were just waiting to be answered. I also liked how Jonas was given such a special personality that made his so unique from everyone else in the story. I also appreciated how even though you find out sort of where Jonas was left, you yourself get to imagine what happened to the community.

I believe that Jonas is a revolutionary. I believe this because he risked his life by escaping from the community and releasing the memories to the citizens of the community. He felt that how they were living was unfair so he decided he wanted to change that. He himself and the Giver by definition started a political revolution. 

I felt like equality was greatly changed in his community once Jonas released the memories to his community.  This is because now that each citizen sees that in their society there was once choice, they may want to take part in the choice, decision making and freedom that once was. Which could mean no more sameness in the actions and feeling of the citizens in the community.

Over all, I loved the book, and would read it may times again. This would be my first request to anyone wanting to read a book. Four stars!