Friday, December 30, 2016


    I have heard many things throughout my life, but I choose carefully what I listen to, and lately I haven't been enjoying what I'm listening to. The amount of hate that was been going around lately is absurd. And my question is, why? Why does hurting me, make you feel better? Why does disrespecting me, make you any more respectable? How does calling me an idiot, make you any smarter? And how does harming me, make your scars fade. The answer is simple, it doesn't. So why? Why do you choose not to think before you speak or act? Why don't you think about the fact, that you could be wrong? Or that what may be nothing to you, could be everything to me.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


    Presentations. They always were, and always will be my least favorite part about school. I would love my current Language Arts teacher to read this, and understand my reasoning. Sadly, the only people that read this blog are some random people from France, but I'm gonna pretend the whole world is reading this, so they understand my point of view.

     I grew up, and I gradually found a voice. Not a big one, but it's what I got. I use it to stand up for what's right, and to share my opinions (respectfully) with the rest of the world, or at least whoever cares enough to listen. I have always had this voice, like a fire deep inside me that I was desperate to put out. This is why I like to blog. These are my opinions. No arguing. Just me. Just me and my problems. And now I'm sharing my problems with my phone, and even though no one is listening, this is my way of sharing. I don't want to force a class full of people to sit and stare at me stutter through a presentation. It isn't me. It's the me who wants an A. The real me, with my real opinions, is here. Where I know i won't be judged, mostly because there isn't anyone to judge me, but you get the point.

    Now that's the 1st reason. A paragraph about who knows what. Here's the other reason. The simple, one word reason. Anxiety. I apologize to the many teachers who have had to deal with my anxiety attacks. The suck, trust me, I know first hand. But the real problem is that some teachers have this thing about getting me out of my "comfort zone". Believe me, if that's how it worked, then I would've been rocking these presentations since 4th grade. But every year I stutter my way through my presentation, and then go and have an anxiety attack after. It's not fun. You'd think teachers would just let me write an essay, but instead, I have to embarrass myself in front of the entire class, and get 10% off my grade because there's "no flow" in my presentation. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Cards I've Been Dealt.

    My dad always tells me that these are the cards that we've been dealt, and there is nothing we can do to change that. I am finally beginning to see the positivity, rather than the negativity I have tried to replace it with my entire life. I would think that it sounded like we were giving up, and saying that this was the end and we could not change our fate.
    Recently my dad and I have been dealt a pretty rough deck. Last month our apartment got flooded because of a broken pipe, and while I had the flu, we were forced to stay in a pretty bad hotel for a week. Not the best week of my life, but somehow he stayed so positive throughout the entire experience. I was shocked, and honestly baffled. About two weeks later a random person used his credit card number to take almost all of the money out of his bank account. Still positive, acting like it was no big deal. I knew that he was not happy about the current situation, but whenever he talked to me about it, he kept assuring me that everything would be okay, which I am very thankful for. Now 2 days ago, I wasn't really sure what else could possibly happen to us, but to my surprise, his car broke down. It was snowing and we had places to go, but his car decided to stop working. So, there I was, walking to starbucks in cold, windy, snowy, pretty much awful weather, alone, wondering honestly what else could possibly go wrong. And luckily nothing else has, yet. *sigh*
    Lately I've been thinking, just realizing how thankful I am that I have my dad in my life. He always wants the best for me even if sometimes he's not exactly sure how to provide that. For example, if I even mention the word "stress" he takes my homework or textbook and makes my take a break. I don't always think it's the best thing to at that time, but in the long run I know it's good for me. He represents what family means to me. We have gotten through so many hard times together and I wouldn't have been able to survive any of it without his love and support. He knows that we don't have the perfect life, and there are definitely people who have it better than us. He makes sure that I know that even though we are not perfect, that we are very privileged, and that I should be thankful for everything I am lucky enough to have. He makes me aware that my life is hard but that I'm doing a good job with what I have.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grades (and such)

    This year has been by far the most stressful year for me, school wise. Before 8th grade I have never had to study for more than an hour for a test. For my last quiz, yes quiz, I felt just to pass, I needed to study for four hours, Just to pass. I ended up taking the weekend before that test/quiz, and studying a total of 6 hours between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To be fair, the class I was studying for was a 9th grade course, so I assumed it would be a bit different, but this was not exactly what I was expecting.
    In 7th grade, the easiest class for me was Science. I got 100 on nearly all the tests, and my ending average for each of the quarters was at or above a 100. This year was extremely different for me. The teaching style is very different and the amount of work is very different. I have always been very proud of my grades, but when a class came along and took that away from me, it was difficult for me to deal with. My worst grade this year is in Biology, not because I don't try hard enough, because I believe I do, but because it's very different, and only now am I starting to get used to it. 
    I can only learn if I understand what I am learning, and I now, after finishing the first quarter, realize that i have been learning the wrong way this year. I have been trying to memorize facts, which in some cases in all you need to do, but I didn't understand anything I was trying to shove into my head, and I realized I wasn't going to go anywhere memorizing facts, I needed to take the time to understand what I was learning, which wasn't happening in class. The second quarter has just started, and we are learning about biochemistry. A new unit, a new start. We have been learning this unit in class for two days. I understood none of it, which I am in no way used to.  But, I've decided to take the time to understand what I was learning and I can already see a change from the first, to the second quarter. Not in my grade, because even though my grades are one of the most important things in my life, I can only do so much, and I can only hope that my grades reflect the effort I put in.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I had never read into lyrics very much before 7th grade. That was when I realized there was meaning when I had never seen it. This year is when I realized they could help me. Seeing someone put thoughts into words is the most life changing thing. It's thinking something your entire life, and one day you hear that someone thinks the same way. It's amazing. It's knowing you're not alone, and your'e not fighting this battle by yourself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I blog about my life a lot, with the main focus of Oregon. For me, Oregon is a powerful word. A word that comes with love, family, life and so much more. But no matter how old I am, or where I end up, the word Oregon will always mean home. Everyone knows the saying "Home is where your heart is" well in that case, I am not home. I am in a town, and in that town is my house. My house is where I live, but not where I belong.


     When I look around my school all I see are kids like me. Kids with lives of their own. They may be easy or difficult or somewhere in between, but when I dig deeper, I see the future. Every scientist, politician, teacher, chef, all of them, were once kids just like us. With their own lives, their own problems that they had to overcome, problems they did overcome, which is how they got where they are today. So every kid that you see, whether they like music, math, sports or anything that makes them who they are, we need to remember that they will grow up the be the future. They will become the change.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Roses are red, violets are blue. And you are beautiful and unique too. You see, pain is horrible, it destroys your being. But sometimes if you look around you begin to love what you are seeing. Remember what hugs feel like, and the sound of rain. Remember what your dreams are, and what you can gain. You are a lovely person who deserves to see the day. So please whatever you do, don't give your life away.


What is it like to wake up and be able to see the world? What is it like to not have to search for your sight? Not have to remember to see. Was is it like to have no struggle to find your sight? No struggle when seeing what's right in front of you. I would love to see the world. To see what should be clear in front of me. And my glasses, are not what's holding me back.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why I Blog During The Summer

Right now , it is currently 6 days into summer vacation. People are going to the mall, swimming in the pool, and I do enjoy those things, but there is one thing that has never caused me stress, and allows me to express myself is ways I can only do by writing. I am blogging.

Some people blog for their "followers", what they think will interest them. I blog for myself. I did blog during school, and I met all of the requirements, but unlike most, I didn't just blog for the grade, as I said before, I blogged for myself. I blog(ged) so I could be myself, I blogged so I could express myself through poetry, and other forms of writing. I blogged so I could talk about things to no one yet  still feel like I was getting it off my chest. I am aware that nobody reads or looks at my blog, but my blog is a safe place for me. A place unlike any other. My blog is not a burden. It's a gift.

Blogging is what brings me peace, what takes away my stress, what makes me feel like I'm in a place where I am able to write what I feel without being judged or questioned.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Every year it rains on my birthday. Maybe it's a sign. A sign that I'm not meant to be where I am right then. A sign that I am not at my final destination, just yet. Rain is seen as a sin of darkness to most. The feeling of sadness, and a sign that there is no good to come.

Every year it rains on my birthday. The rain is signalling that my journey is not over yet. That I haven't quite found my way. The path that I'm taking is not right. It's not leading me to a life of happiness, or love. How can rain lead me on a wrong path? How can a measly weather forecast determine the outcome of my entire life? Well, it can't. But every year, it makes me think. Think about what I'm doing wrong, or how I'm not quite where I need to be. Where I could be.

There is no happy sunny ending this year. Because this year;

There's lightning.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fathers' Day

(This blog is meant for the 19th)

Today is Father's Day. I love this day because it's a day to appreciate more than all other days, how amazing and wonderful my dad is. He has sacrificed so much for me and my sister and I hope he knows how much I appreciate him.

My dad and I have gone through a lot. Moving states, houses, jobs. He is the most supporting father in the entire world, and will go to any length to make me happy. He takes me to all of my sports games, all of my concerts, every art show, every birthday party. He's there. He works harder than any other person I know. He works 10 hours a day and then comes home and makes dinner. He somehow has time to play games and help with homework. He always has time for me, and I will never know how.

I would like to dedicate this short post to my dad, who has been the most inspiring, wonderful person in my life. Who has helped me through every struggle I've had. And has been the most amazing and loving dad I could ever ask for.

Friday, May 13, 2016


     Many of the youth in America are very familiar with this situation that I will be talking about today. That would be divorce. While I am quite aware that many people have it worse, for instance, their parents live in different states, or different areas, I am still aware of what I have to go through on a daily basis. From little things to big deals, you never know what issue could be lying around the corner.
     My parents got a divorce when I was 10 years old or almost 11. Since I was already quite old, and used to living with both of my parents, this made it much more traumatic for me. Now traumatic may seem like a harsh word for some, but for me it fits quite well. Now, February was around the time they got a divorce. And this is what made it harder: we had just moved to New York that past November.  By then I was pretty used to moving into new homes, in new cities. But this was different. What was more heart-breaking was "the talk" after dinner that night, because unlike my sister, I had seen it coming. I had heard the yelling, the fighting. I had noticed the little signs, that made my want to cry my eyes out. I had known that this was coming. I could not stop it. I would not accept it. This is why "the talk" was to traumatic. This is why "the talk" was one of the worst experiences of my life.
     It didn't take long for my dad to move out. What was harder then being at home, was knowing that I would soon have two places to call home. I did not want this. I started to get very depressed and isolated myself from my friends at school, although there was not many of them. I was alone at lunch and recess, and my teacher started to notice. She took me to the school counselor. This was the first counselor I had been to, but sadly not the last. They work for some people, but not for me. This went on for a while, the on and off help, but it started to fade off. I started to act like I was better. Like this was the end of my pain. And that seemed to work okay. It was for sure no solution, but it helped me keep a positive attitude, which in the long run, helped me a lot.
     At this point it's been about 6 months and I have gotten used to the whole "two-homed" situation. Although I was not happy with it. It was not until the middle of 6th grade when it really took a toll on me and my school work. I enjoy being known as one of the smart kids. It makes me happy. A special kind of happy that only comes from doing good work. But having two houses made that pretty hard for me. I had started to leave one folder at one house, one at the other. I would have internet at one, none at the other. This was the issue for me. I could not stay in control. I could not stay organized. I didn't know where anything was, and this caused me a lot of anxiety. A few of my grades went down, and although not by much. I  could not take it. I could not handle it. And this, the stress, was the hardest part of the divorce for me. This, took the biggest toll on me. The uncontrollable anxiety. I just could not figure out a solution.
   This is when I realized that there was no solution other then to improve. To work harder, but not stress too much. My anxiety can't go away. But baby steps can make me happier, and healthier.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Thoughts On A Monster Calls

In LA class we are reading a book called A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. This book is about a boy named Conor living with his mother who was diagnosed with cancer, though the specific type is not mentioned. He is struggling with a bully at the moment and his family situations are not getting much better. His father moved away to America when he was just a little boy, and ever since his mother has been getting worse and worse, his grandmother has been visiting more often. This is unfortunate for Conor considering him and his grandmother do not have the best relationship.

Throughout the classes we have been reading this book, we have also been doing activities so we can better understand the meaning if the book and its characters. My favorite activity that we have been doing is we have been writing down quotes that we believe are important to the plot of the story. We have been doing this often and it has helped connected the dots for as to what is going on in the story.

I have very much enjoyed this book. I like the genre of mystery that the author brings into every chapter. It is like there's a surprise around every corner. I also liked how well the author develops the characters throughout the story. We get to learn more about each character and what their perspective is, on what is going on throughout the story. I loved this book very much and hope I can read it again soon!
(The audio book is AMAZING as well!)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Day Of Silence

On Friday, April 15 our schools GSA (gay straight alliance) is participating in the annual Day of Silence. 

The Day of Silence is a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Students take a vow of silence in an effort to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior by illustrating the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on LGBT students and those perceived to be LGBT. Those who choose to participate are therefore supporting of the cause and wanted something to be changed.

I participate in Day of Silence to encourage other young people to open up to others about their sexual orientation and gender identity instead of having to hide or be ashamed of themselves.

On the Day of Silence, I remain silent to notice and honor all those who have felt powerless in the face of bullying in our society. I remain silent to memorialize those who have not been able to handle the burden of being bullied because they are different.

For our school we are taking the vow of silence by picking up a talking card for our teachers room at the beginning of the day. The talking card will insure that when someone expects us to speak, they are informed as to what we are participating in. I am happy to participate and hoping me and my peers can make a change.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Is It Fun Being A Nerd?

Hi. I am a nerd. And no, be nerd I do not mean I wear big glasses and snort when I laugh. (Although I may or may not do both of those things, but that's besides the point) I am considered a nerd by my friends, because of my interests. My interests are what define me, and mine happen to be extremely "nerdy".

Now here is what I mean by "nerdy". I see myself as a superhero-loving math and science enthusiast. Yes I realize that that may be peoples definition of a nerd, but I don't really want to see myself as a nerd. I just am myself. I may have different interests then a "stereotypical girl", and I am 100% okay with that.

Being in seventh grade, I have most definitely seen a lot of girls try out makeup. When I think of makeup, I thing of trying to cover up who I really am. I am NOT hating on girls who enjoy makeup. You have to do what makes you happy, and if experimenting with makeup makes you happy, then go for it!

As I said before, some of my interest include but are not limited to; Superheroes, Math, Science, Books in general, art, and much, much, more. One of my favorite interests is Superheroes. Marvel, DC, Flash, Hulk. You name it. I love superheroes, and it may sound weird, but I love to argue about them. I sit with a group of amazing friends, but sadly only like two of them are remotely interested in those kinds of things. There are two main boys at my table who I "discuss" these things with. Our conversations are mostly about battles, and who would beat who. Normal things. Although I love a good argument, come on. Who doesn't want to win?

This is the last interest I am going to talk about. I promise. One of my other favorite interests is MATH. I absolutely love math and it always makes my day. I love the rush of solving a complex equation, or being the first one to know the answer to a problem in class. Either way, even though I do get made fun of for my odd love of math, I really don't care what people think, as long as it makes me happy.

Okay I'm sorry. I had to mention my love for reading. The rush of a good ending, or an unexpected plot twist. You never know and that is the fun of it. (short paragraph, I just could not leave it out.)

Overall, I don't know how everyone sees me, or even how I see myself. But all I know is that I like what I like, and I do not need to fit anyone's standards to be myself.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Beauty- A Slam Poem

     What defines beauty for you? When you think of beauty do you think of skinny girls with long legs, and luscious hair. Because that's what beauty is, right? When you think of beauty you don't think of people like me. People who don't want to just live in this world, they want to change it. So because I'm not your image of beauty, does that make me ugly?
      I'm ugly because I want a voice and I want to use it and be proud of that voice. I don't believe that there is a definition of beauty. Beauty is a self definable word. There can't be a definition of beauty because you yourself have to decide what beauty is to you. For some people beauty could be everything. And that is not a bad thing. For others beauty could just be a word. They don't care what people think about them. They want to make a difference step by step, and your beauty standards are not going to stop them.
     You wake up in the morning to look in the mirror, To say "This is me". To Compare yourself to what you think you should be. "I'm fat.", "I'm ugly.", "Who did this to me?" , You put on some make-up or some acne-cream, To cover what others can see. But it doesn't mater what others see, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, And the beholder is you. So stop criticizing, And start complimenting, Not on what should be, But on what is. In that mirror is not, "I'm fat.", "I'm ugly.", But an amazing person that is deserving of love. And what's inside is something so unique, So special, Because no one else has it, It's you. You are the most amazing thing to walk on this Earth. With the ability to wake up and show who you are and what you are worth. So why wake up and talk negative? When you could wake up and smile. Why not be happy for a while? Why try to please everyone else, When all you have to do is be yourself?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Slam Poetry

     Last class in Language Arts we began to work on a subject that I very much love, Slam Poetry. Slam poetry is a form of poetry that you do to express strong opinions towards a single topic. I am very excited for this unit because I always like to find new ways to express new ideas.
     To start our unit, we first had to take a regular poem, and turn it into a slam poem using our voice and facial expressions. We could either do this by ourselves or with one or two other people. We had to split up the work equally and find a way to present this is a way that made ours unique.
     I had know little about slam poetry before we started this unit, but I did see YouTubers created slam poems and I was very inspired by them. I love the way that they can share their opinion in a way that can be presented and influence other people. I am excited for the unit to progress, and to learn more about the art of slam poetry.

Friday, March 18, 2016

My Thoughts On The Book: I Will Always Write Back

     This winter I read a book called I Will Always Write Back. This is a book about two pen pals, Caitlyn and Martin. Caitlyn is from Pennsylvania and Martin is from Zimbabwe. The story is about their lives being so different, and how they are close while being so far away. This story is amazing and it is by far one of my favorite books of all time.
     As their relationship grows stronger and stronger she starts to realize the truth about Martin, how hard his life is, and the struggle him and his family are in. She tried to send money to support them and Martin and his family are so grateful. But she wanted to figure out ways to help them more. I loved this book because of the strength and courage of the characters, how much detail the authors put into their story, and how the chapters grab you one by one, and never let go.
I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This book has changed my way of thinking, and I hope others feel the same way. Sometimes people do not realize what others have to go through in their lives, but this book shows how you can help others and make a huge difference in someones life.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Independent Writing Piece

     During the past couple of weeks, in Language Arts, we have each been working on our independent writing pieces. We have been required to enter our writing in a contest for either the Public Library or a local bookstore. The limit of pages was ten for the Library, and two pages for the bookstore writing piece. They did have a chosen topic for the bookstore, so me liking to make something original out of something simple, so I decided to choose the bookstore topic.

     The topic for the bookstore was "A funny thing happened on the way to the bookstore." I for sure did not take that topic literally, because my story was not very funny. My story was about a girl who had been waiting for a long time to meet her favorite author at the book store. She was very disappointed when the visit from the author had been canceled! She, in a very upset mood, rode home. On her way home she saw somebody she thought she recognized from somewhere, but she didn't know where! It did take her a few seconds, but she finally realized that that was the author of her book! She was very surprised, but also very confused. She didn't know why he was there, or what he was doing! And for the sake of spoiling the ending, that is all I will say. 

     I had a lot of fun writing this piece. And even though it was required, I would have done it on my own if I had had the option. It was a shorter process then I had thought, and I will definitely be writing more after this. I hope this will not be our last writing project. Even though I wish I could have made my ending like four pages longer, I am still proud of the work that I finished.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Oregonian At Heart

     So one thing you may not have realized because you probably did not read my last few blogs, is that I am from Oregon! Yes, I have moved many times, but all have turned out well. I have been through a lot of things but by far moving has been the hardest. With the cars, friends, family, dogs and much more it was definitely an experience I will never forget.

       When moving, by far the hardest part was leaving my friends and family in Oregon. Since I had lived there since I was 9 years old, I had made a lot of memories when I was there. When I lived in Oregon, my best friends name was Jane. We did everything together, and even though we had not gone to the same school, we were still just as close. I met Jane when I was about 5 weeks old, and we nor our moms, were ever any less close then we had ever been even when I moved.

     Again, another thing that was very hard about moving was leaving my close family. We lived less then 30 minutes away from every one of them, and we would visit them very often. I did often become depressed when we had left because I knew that my other cousins were very close with my grandmother and grandfather, and I had been jealous that they would get to continuously get to see my grandparents and I was afraid that we would lose our close relationship that we had. This had been a genuine fear of mine that I have with all of my family members to this day. Family is hard to leave, but I have learned that no matter how far, there is always love between family.

     As I stated in a former blog, along with the topic of my family, one of the hardest family traditions to leave was Christmas with my family. Ever since I was born it was always a family tradition to get together on Christmas day, exchange presents, eat meals, and much more. We would come together in the living room and just hang out, talk, and enjoy each others presence. It was the highlight of my year and was very hard to let go of when we left.

     2012, when I was 9 years old was when we officially left Oregon. I was devastated at first, but then made myself believe that this was a new beginning. Next in my life would come Arizona. This was a short chapter in my life, we only stayed there for about a year. For me it was very difficult to adjust to Arizona. I did not make friends very easily, and the ones I did make I figured were not long term. The friends I did make, were very nice and supportive, and as well as being good for my adjustment, were also good for my parents adjustment. They were very good friends with their parents and would always hang out together. It did take me a little while to get close with my friends, but of course, when I did start to enjoy it there, I got the notice that we were moving yet again.

     Now, the first time that I moved, I was stressed, upset, and I did not know what to do. But this time around, I had figured out how to handle the move. By handle the move I mean how to not react as significantly. I was not as upset about leaving Arizona because I had honestly not enjoyed it very much, but the mood changed when I realized we would be taking a 2,000 mile drive to New York instead of flying.

     Normally, this would be an exciting opportunity, a chance to bond with the family, or have a good time. But it was different for me, mostly because I get extremely car sick. Very easily. So as you could tell, this was not as enjoyable as it could be. For the first few days it was okay because I was not really doing anything, and we were just eating mainly Subway, but then death was upon us because I started doing math homework in the car , and that never ends well. So as you can probably guess, I got pretty carsick. So that was fun.

     Now, this entire time, I have been talking about all of the negative parts, but some parts of the car ride were pretty enjoyable for me. We got to stay in many hotels with very good breakfast and as I mentioned before, we got subway. At this point I was just hoping the car would go slower so I wouldn't have to start my new school. It was to the point where I was counting down the seconds because I was dreading this state so much. We were very close to getting there so I was just sleeping in the car, trying to prepare myself for this new school, with new teachers, and new kids.

     Oh no, this was it, my first day at my new school. It was 7:30, and I was about to get on the bus with my sister. The bus arrived and I got on, not knowing where to sit, so I sat in the first row with my sister. When we arrived at the school, my only indication of where my classroom was, was that the lockers were blue. I had been told that the teacher would be waiting outside her door, so I looked around and I saw her wave at me, I then shyly walked in the room and took a seat. My first day was probably the most stressful day of my life. I was very nervous and when it came to math class, I was very excited on the inside because math was my favorite subject. I had known all of the answers but I felt so out of place there that I didn't raise my hand for anything.

     As the days went on in class I get more confident with my answers and became more happy there in general. Overall, and up until now, I have learned that now matter what the barriers, if you just keep holding on, and never lose hope, then anything can happen.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Super Bowl

     So unless you have been living under a rock, or I haven't talked to you in the passed two days, you should know that...  THE BRONCOS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!! If you know me, you know as I am typing this i am having a miniature party in my head! I do not get excited about a lot of things, (This is editing Violet, and that was a complete lie, I get excited about like everything) but this is one of those things. I love football and I am usually watching it with my dad on the weekends.

     As you could probably tell from the first paragraph that I am a huge fan of the Denver Broncos. My dad nor any part of my family was from Colorado we have always been die heart Broncos fans. My dad, sister and I watch almost every game together and it is always so fun and we all enjoy it. Last time the Broncos were in the Super Bowl, my sister and I went all out, we made posters, signs, drawing, we even wore every sing piece of Broncos attire that we owned. Sadly that time they did not win, but we have faith this year that they will bring home the win.

      Win or lose (hopefully win) I just love spending time with my family, and enjoying what we always have. My sister doesn't even enjoy football, but being with family, and screaming her face off is still an amazing time. Last week we asked my dad if we wanted to go to a sports bar, or a friends house to watch the game, but he said that all he wanted to do was be with his good luck charms.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Soup Kitchen

     On Tuesday January 26th, me, two of my teachers, and some other classmates when to St. Johns Outreach Center. In order to go, we had to be one of the first twenty people to give back a form to our LA teacher. If you were one of the twenty students chosen to go, you would then, on the date of the trip, take a bus ride to the Soup Kitchen in the morning of that day.

     During our trip to the Soup Kitchen, we either waited tables, made salads or deserts, or cleaned the tables. My partner and I were both waiters at the same table, We greeted them, asked them if they wanted any salads or drinks, and after that, we brought them their meals. The meal for that day was pulled pork and baked beans. Mostly everyone was happy to everything that was offered to them.

    Going to the Soup Kitchen was one of the best volunteer experiences of my life. It felt very good to give respect to people who truly deserved it. It was amazing to see what a smile and a hello could do to change somebody's day and mood. Everyone was so appreciative and very lovely. I knew they needed the food and care and was more than happy to serve them.

    I absolutely loved the Soup kitchen and I hope that I will get to relive that experience again soon enough.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Thoughts On Wonder

    About a week ago, I finished the book Wonder for the seventh time. Yes you read right, I said seven, and each time I loved it. Wonder has got to be my favorite book in the history of time. The first time I read it I was in 3rd grade and I fell in love with the story and the characters. The second time I read Wonder was in 5th grade when my teacher read it aloud to us. I had already known the book so I was very excited.

     You may think I was crazy to read a book 5 times in two years, but as I said before I fell in love with the book. The main reason why I love the book, is that the concepts are very realistic, and you create a personal bond with the characters. My favorite character was Summer. I admired how she accepted Auggie for who he was, and did not think twice about interacting with him unlike the rest of the kids at his school. She was very nice towards Auggie and got very upset when people made fun of him.

     The main characters name is August (Auggie) Pullman. He is a loving creative boy who LOVES Star Wars.  He has a sister named Via and two loving parents. He is scared to start school but ends up being one of the smartest kids in his class. Although he often gets stared at, he is tough through the entire year.

     Overall Wonder is about Auggie, his friends and family, and his first school expiriance. He may not be perfect, but he is amazing inside and out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Children Can Make A Difference/ PSA

     In LA class we are doing a PSA (public service announcement) to promote thing that we would like to change or things we would like to influence at our school. We are to make a PSA revolving around the issue we have chosen. We are put in groups of 3 and 4 people and we are to work together to make our PSA.

     For our PSA my group has chosen to support the issues of poverty and hunger and how children can change that. We are supporting the organization Kids Can Make A Difference with our PSA.  When all the students have finished their PSA our group was hoping to send ours to the website to see if they enjoyed it or would like to use it.

      The full definition of a PSA is a video with a scenario that leads up to the idea that is being presented. At the ending of a PSA there is a voice over that includes a fact about the issue, the slogan and some more information about the organization being promoted. A PSA is 30 seconds long.  In order to make a PSA you need these key parts: A scenario, a voice over with a slogan, a fact about the issue, and more information about the website. The scenario is a scene before the facts and slogan that doesn't always have to be related to the issue, but leads up to the idea presented in some way.
     In class we are making the PSA to influence kids at our school, but i feel that we could take it much farther than that.

Friday, January 8, 2016


   Since the new year just started (Happy New Year!!!!) a lot of people have started to make new years resolutions. I know this because i was in the car, January 1st, 6:00 in the morning and there was a line with about 30 people, in front of Vent Fitness. I for one, always make new years resolutions. I don't always keep them. But does anyone really? This year instead of going all at once my resolution has been to take small things off my pallet and put some new items in, in order to eat a little healthier.

     The first thing that I took off was soda. I don't drink soda very often, but I decided it was good to start small. I also added salad which I have been eating for the past few days for lunch. My resolution was not to never eat candy again, It was to start living a healthier lifestyle.

     Before the New Years, since about August, I have been doing 10 sit-ups and push-ups mostly every day, because o tended to be extremely bad at the gym fitness tests that we took. I always like to find ways to improve, but I am not very gifted in that particular section of school. Gym has always been difficult for me, but as I said I am always looking for ways to improve.
     In conclusion, it doesn't matter if you start slow or fast or whatever your reason is, as long as you stay healthy and love what your doing for yourself.


Friday, January 1, 2016

3,000 Mile Difference

     When I was 9, my family moved from Portland, Oregon to Tempe, Arizona. My sister Edie, was 7 and it was very difficult for all of us to adjust. This is because of 1. We had been there for my entire life and now we had to leave every one of our close friends and 2. My grandmother and my entire family who we were extremely close to lived only 30 minutes away from where we had. 

     One of the hardest things about moving from Portland was not being there for Christmas at my grandparents house. Every single year everyone in my dad's side of the family would gather at my grandparents house and we would make breakfast, open some presents and around lunch time everyone would go back home for a few hours and we would all get some rest. Since we lived a little farther away, we would stay there and play with my grandfather and some of our presents. Once everyone had returned to my grandparents house, we would continue to open up the rest of the presents. After we were finished with the presents, my uncle would start to make Christmas dinner for the entire family. 
     After one year in Arizona my family moved again, this time to Albany, NewYork. Both of these moves were in the middle of the school year which made the move just about twice as hard. Adjusting in the middle of the the year is hard as some would understand, but if you have nice teachers or meet great people who will help you through it, it makes everything a lot easier. But what is the most important is that you have a loving family, and my family would help me with anything and knowing that, you can survive anything.