Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Children Can Make A Difference/ PSA

     In LA class we are doing a PSA (public service announcement) to promote thing that we would like to change or things we would like to influence at our school. We are to make a PSA revolving around the issue we have chosen. We are put in groups of 3 and 4 people and we are to work together to make our PSA.

     For our PSA my group has chosen to support the issues of poverty and hunger and how children can change that. We are supporting the organization Kids Can Make A Difference with our PSA.  When all the students have finished their PSA our group was hoping to send ours to the website to see if they enjoyed it or would like to use it.

      The full definition of a PSA is a video with a scenario that leads up to the idea that is being presented. At the ending of a PSA there is a voice over that includes a fact about the issue, the slogan and some more information about the organization being promoted. A PSA is 30 seconds long.  In order to make a PSA you need these key parts: A scenario, a voice over with a slogan, a fact about the issue, and more information about the website. The scenario is a scene before the facts and slogan that doesn't always have to be related to the issue, but leads up to the idea presented in some way.
     In class we are making the PSA to influence kids at our school, but i feel that we could take it much farther than that.

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