Thursday, January 28, 2016

Soup Kitchen

     On Tuesday January 26th, me, two of my teachers, and some other classmates when to St. Johns Outreach Center. In order to go, we had to be one of the first twenty people to give back a form to our LA teacher. If you were one of the twenty students chosen to go, you would then, on the date of the trip, take a bus ride to the Soup Kitchen in the morning of that day.

     During our trip to the Soup Kitchen, we either waited tables, made salads or deserts, or cleaned the tables. My partner and I were both waiters at the same table, We greeted them, asked them if they wanted any salads or drinks, and after that, we brought them their meals. The meal for that day was pulled pork and baked beans. Mostly everyone was happy to everything that was offered to them.

    Going to the Soup Kitchen was one of the best volunteer experiences of my life. It felt very good to give respect to people who truly deserved it. It was amazing to see what a smile and a hello could do to change somebody's day and mood. Everyone was so appreciative and very lovely. I knew they needed the food and care and was more than happy to serve them.

    I absolutely loved the Soup kitchen and I hope that I will get to relive that experience again soon enough.

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