Saturday, January 30, 2016

Super Bowl

     So unless you have been living under a rock, or I haven't talked to you in the passed two days, you should know that...  THE BRONCOS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!! If you know me, you know as I am typing this i am having a miniature party in my head! I do not get excited about a lot of things, (This is editing Violet, and that was a complete lie, I get excited about like everything) but this is one of those things. I love football and I am usually watching it with my dad on the weekends.

     As you could probably tell from the first paragraph that I am a huge fan of the Denver Broncos. My dad nor any part of my family was from Colorado we have always been die heart Broncos fans. My dad, sister and I watch almost every game together and it is always so fun and we all enjoy it. Last time the Broncos were in the Super Bowl, my sister and I went all out, we made posters, signs, drawing, we even wore every sing piece of Broncos attire that we owned. Sadly that time they did not win, but we have faith this year that they will bring home the win.

      Win or lose (hopefully win) I just love spending time with my family, and enjoying what we always have. My sister doesn't even enjoy football, but being with family, and screaming her face off is still an amazing time. Last week we asked my dad if we wanted to go to a sports bar, or a friends house to watch the game, but he said that all he wanted to do was be with his good luck charms.

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