Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I blog about my life a lot, with the main focus of Oregon. For me, Oregon is a powerful word. A word that comes with love, family, life and so much more. But no matter how old I am, or where I end up, the word Oregon will always mean home. Everyone knows the saying "Home is where your heart is" well in that case, I am not home. I am in a town, and in that town is my house. My house is where I live, but not where I belong.


     When I look around my school all I see are kids like me. Kids with lives of their own. They may be easy or difficult or somewhere in between, but when I dig deeper, I see the future. Every scientist, politician, teacher, chef, all of them, were once kids just like us. With their own lives, their own problems that they had to overcome, problems they did overcome, which is how they got where they are today. So every kid that you see, whether they like music, math, sports or anything that makes them who they are, we need to remember that they will grow up the be the future. They will become the change.