Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grades (and such)

    This year has been by far the most stressful year for me, school wise. Before 8th grade I have never had to study for more than an hour for a test. For my last quiz, yes quiz, I felt just to pass, I needed to study for four hours, Just to pass. I ended up taking the weekend before that test/quiz, and studying a total of 6 hours between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To be fair, the class I was studying for was a 9th grade course, so I assumed it would be a bit different, but this was not exactly what I was expecting.
    In 7th grade, the easiest class for me was Science. I got 100 on nearly all the tests, and my ending average for each of the quarters was at or above a 100. This year was extremely different for me. The teaching style is very different and the amount of work is very different. I have always been very proud of my grades, but when a class came along and took that away from me, it was difficult for me to deal with. My worst grade this year is in Biology, not because I don't try hard enough, because I believe I do, but because it's very different, and only now am I starting to get used to it. 
    I can only learn if I understand what I am learning, and I now, after finishing the first quarter, realize that i have been learning the wrong way this year. I have been trying to memorize facts, which in some cases in all you need to do, but I didn't understand anything I was trying to shove into my head, and I realized I wasn't going to go anywhere memorizing facts, I needed to take the time to understand what I was learning, which wasn't happening in class. The second quarter has just started, and we are learning about biochemistry. A new unit, a new start. We have been learning this unit in class for two days. I understood none of it, which I am in no way used to.  But, I've decided to take the time to understand what I was learning and I can already see a change from the first, to the second quarter. Not in my grade, because even though my grades are one of the most important things in my life, I can only do so much, and I can only hope that my grades reflect the effort I put in.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I had never read into lyrics very much before 7th grade. That was when I realized there was meaning when I had never seen it. This year is when I realized they could help me. Seeing someone put thoughts into words is the most life changing thing. It's thinking something your entire life, and one day you hear that someone thinks the same way. It's amazing. It's knowing you're not alone, and your'e not fighting this battle by yourself.