Thursday, May 11, 2017


     It's all around us. The leaves on the trees, the grass on the dirt. Our lives, they revolve around nature. Every bit of them. When the rays of the moon glisten off the lake. The cold, crisp air pricking your fingertips. The undeniable beauty of the sunset. The crystal clear grace of a single drop of rain. Nature is beauty, and sadly some of us our unappreciative of the blessing we have received.
      Petrichor. The smell of the earth, after rain. The smell of peace. The feeling that means, no worries, the feeling of calmness all throughout your body. This is the word that takes the stress away. It may seem like nothing, but this is the feeling of home. Petrichor. The smell of home, the smell of rain.

      There are many things nature has offered me. The chance to explore. Opertunities. Ways to escape. Escape from reality. To go outside and see the beauty of a rainbow and feel the breeze of a calming wind. Nature can help everyone in any way. But only if you allow it.